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Advantages disadvantages Waxing

What is Waxing?
Waxing is one of the methods used in temporary hair removal. It works by removing the hair right from deep within the root. It takes about two to eight weeks before new hair can start growing back later in the area previously waxed, and in very exceptional cases, some people will start seeing hair regrowth in just a week. Generally, waxing can be done for almost any body part, including arms, legs, abdomen, eyebrows, bikini area, face and feet.
There are different waxing methods specifically suitable for hair-removal from the body. Note also that wax products are quite different from sugaring products. The approach and products are entirely different.
There are lots of benefits associated with waxing as related to other hair-removal methods. It is a very excellent way of removing at once, large and thick hair growths. It is time-honoured and effective as the removal of hair is right from the root as compared to others like hair shaving or using depilatory cream for hair removal. When wax method is employed, waxed-area hair is prevented from growing back for up to two weeks or more. When removing hair using depilatory cream or even shaved, the removal of hair takes place only at the surface level rather than deep down the root. Unlike waxing, hair is seen growing back in rough stubbles on the treated area within a few days using these other methods. There is also an evidence of softer regrowth common to skin portions that are waxed repeatedly over long time periods.
The benefits of waxing notwithstanding, there are some downsides to the method of waxing. Waxing can really be painful particularly during the removal of the strip-ribbon from the layer of the skin for the first time. Even though the pain is not an enduring one, it is usually very harsh, especially on sensitive skins. Moreover, waxing can be very expensive as it can only be done by a registered aesthetician. In some cases, depending on the area waxed or the number of sittings necessary, the cost associated with the technique can be high. Most licensed beauty salons in the UK an average of £14 for eyebrow wax and from about £32 for a full face wax depending on whether it is strip or non-strip wax. There are DIY waxing kits, which are sometimes cumbersome to use when trying to apply on oneself especially on some areas of the body.
Another underscoring point for waxing has to do with some people experiencing red bumps, in-grown hairs, and little bleeding. These often-times occur when hairs grow curled under the skin where the hair follicles are firmest. Ingrown hairs, while it’s practically impossible to get rid of, can be reduced significantly by regular ex-foliating and with the application of a solution of oil such as baby oil and astringent.
To be honest, waxing is generally painful the first time, but subsequent re-visits usually reduces the instances of pain as well as medication taken an hour prior to the scheduled procedure. For instance, undue levels of pain are caused when waxing bodies and legs since hair is being removed against the natural direction of hair growth. Hair must be of a particular length, a quarter of an inch for finer ones and half an inch for coarse ones, before it can be successfully waxed.