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Professional IPL Hair Removal in Reading and Wokingham, 

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Hair removal in Reading

Our IPL hair removal combines the advantages of optical energy and radio frequency. The performance of the E-light System extends far beyond any other traditional IPL machine. Our Cooling System ensures the comfort and protection of our client during the treatment to reduce the risk of burns.

IPL Hair Removal in Reading

How does IPL hair removal work?

Book a consultation and our highly qualified beauty therapist will be happy to discuss your treatment in more detail. This will ensure your expectations of what you would like to achieve from the IPL treatment are met. It will also include a discussion about your overall health, and the potential risks of the IPL hair removal.

We will then perform a very simple patch test to ensure your skin does not react to the treatment.

How do I prepare for the IPL hair removal procedure?

You will be given protective eye glasses to wear during the IPL hair removal treatment. A gel will then be applied to your skin. IPL hair removal treatment is generally suitable for everyone. It can be used on skin type 0-4 but, as mentioned above, must be patch tested first. People with white hair are unsuitable for the treatment as there is no longer a colour pigment in the hair. People with darker skin tones should take extra care when they decide to have IPL hair removal treatment as there is a small risk of hyper-pigmentation. Nadia will be able to advise.

Hair can be removed from all the areas of the body.

How long will the results of the treatment last?

The amount of time the hair will take to grow back varies depending on the thickness of your hair and your skin type. You should see good results after 3 – 8 treatments. You should have your treatments once a month, at the start of the month when the hair is at the beginning of it’s growth cycle.

When your hair grows back it will be finer, lighter and less coarse than usual. It will also be patchy because the treatment will lessen the hair growth. With each treatment less hair will grow back.

Does IPL hurt?

It doesn’t hurt but the level of discomfort varies from person to person. The IPL is said to have a slight stinging sensation which only lasts for a moment. This feeling has been compared to the flicking of an elastic band against the skin. The soothing gel which is applied to the skin makes the treatment more comfortable and cools the skin.

What should I do after I have had IPL Hair removal?

You should use a high SPF sun cream on your skin to protect it. You should avoid sun beds, waxing and epilating creams as these may irritate your skin. You should also avoid applying make-up creams to the treated area for 48 hours.

E-Light IPL + RF Hair Removal Price per session
Upper Lip £25
Chin £25
Lip & Chin £42.00
Face £60.00
Under arm £60.00
Bikini £60.00
Stomach central line £22.00
Nipples £36.00
Chest & back £155.00
Back £110.00
1/2 Leg lower £120.00
Full leg £180.00
Full leg & Bikini £225.00
Full Leg & Bikini & Under arm £275.00
Under arm & Bikini £110.00
Brazilian £90.00
Hollywood £120.00
 Full arm  £110.00
 1/2 arm  £85.00
 3/4 arm  £95.00
 Hands and Fingers  £50.00
 Buttocks  £120.00
 Face including Neck   £60.00