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Facials in Reading

Take time out and visit Nadia’s Beauty Salon in Wokingham / Reading for a specialised facial that will leave you feeling relaxed and will leave your skin feeling and looking softer and visibly smoother. Before commencing the treatment, Nadia will analyse your skin, discuss your aims and recommend which facial treatment is best for you. Everything we do is tailored to your needs and beauty goals. The sign of a good facial is when you receive lots of compliments on your skin. You can expect lots of them after a visit to Nadia’s Beauty Salon!


Hydrating Facial

With this treatment you will receive: 1:1 consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, (skin warming – steam) extraction, mask, moisturise. Products are enriched with collagen to help repair and re-hydrate maturing skin. £25.00 / 30 min.

Intensive Facial Treatment Sheet Mask with Freeze Dried Seaweed

With this treatment you will receive: 1:1 consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, (skin warming – steam) extraction, massage, mask, moisturise. A revolutionary natural algae mask with visible skin smoothing and protective properties will be applied for optimal results. £35.00 / 50 min.

Galvaderm Desincrustation Facial

This deep cleansing treatment is designed to deep cleanse, remove excess sebum (oil) and dead skin cells from the skin; which help in easy and effective extractions of black and white heads (spots). It is particularly effective on oily, combination, blemished (acne) and congested skins.

Galvaderm Iontophoresis Facial

This facial is a penetrating, nourishing, hydrating and revitalising treatment; the ideal treat for sensitive, dry or mature skin. The benefits of Iontophoresis facial include; – Moisturising and hydrating effect – Smoothing and plumping effect of the tissue – Clear up skin complexion – Regenerating and rejuvenating effect – Anti-wrinkle treatments at a mild stage – Stimulating effect on sluggish and sallow skin – Introduce the benefits of many products with specific ingredients such as collagen, elastin, seaweed and marine extracts, depending on what your skin needs. Both Galvaderm treatments should be combined with any of our manual facials that we offer in the salon depending on the skin needs at £ 10.00 extra. Example full facial £20.00 + Galvaderm £10.00 = £30.00 Hydrating Facial £25.00 + Galvaderm £10.00 = £35.00 Intensive Facial £35.00 + Galvaderm £10.00 = £45.00