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Beauty Tips Brought to you by Nadia’s Beauty Wokingham Reading

Applying foundation with a latex sponge makes it easy to see exactly how much you are putting on and aids in blending. Dampen it first, and you end up with slightly more sheer coverage.

-Lipsticks are made of 95% wax, and they will go rancid after 3 years. Lip gloss is a better bet, as long as the safety seal is intact and the tube is clear it is most likely safe to use.

-Many African-American women have skin that is slightly darker on the forehead than on the rest of the face. Don’t overcompensate by adding extra layers of make-up elsewhere – use two different shades, and be sure to blend well with your clean fingers.

Enhance the beautiful colour of your eyes!

Green Eyes Day:

Apricot, plum, light brown, khaki Night: gold, purple, fuchsia, deep brown

Brown Eyes Day:

Beige, bronze, light brown, army green Night: gold, bold blue, yellow, emerald green, purple

Blue Eyes Day:

taupe, light pink, light brown, violet, grey Night: tangerine, silver, turquoise

-Many lipsticks contain lead as an ingredient. The average woman consumes one stick of lipstick a year. Be sure that your lipstick is lead-free.

Reduce puffy eyes…

There are many culprits which cause puffy eyes, and thankfully many cures. Causes may include heredity, fluid accumulation in the eye area (occurring during sleep), dehydration caused by over-consumption of alcohol, allergies, hormones, etc. Fortunately there are many ways to alleviate unwanted puffiness, and I have the inside tips from several very knowledgeable aestheticians. The trick is applying cold, gentle, and/or caffeinated substances for approximately five minutes to each eye.

While cucumber slices are the time-honored favourite, they may cause more irritation than benefit for some. Cooling agents along with caffeine will energize tired eyes. The following two tips have allowed me to look beautifully rested when I felt as though my eyelids were sweeping the floor.

Soak two cotton balls in cold milk, squeeze excess and place firmly against eyes for five minutes for reducing swelling and water retention. Soak two caffeinated tea bags in ice cold water for two minutes then place on eyes for five minutes, (my favourite is caffeinated green tea.)

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