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The basic theory of the E-light (IPL+RF) Technology fully combines the advantages of optical energy and radio frequency. The performance of the E-light System extends far beyond any other traditional IPL machine.

The targeted tissue absorbs radio frequency under lower optical energy, so, with less energy we can achieve wonderful results and less painful.

Our E-Light Skin Contact Cooling System help to achive more comfortable feelings during the treatment and decrease dramatically the risk of burns.

Our E-Light machine combine IPL intense pulse light and RF radio frequency and comes with a range of heads and filters that are specific for every different treatment, which after a deep consultation, which mean we deliver an accurate and individually tailored treatment according to your skin type.

E-Light: IPL+RF Skin Rejuvenation Reading, Berkshire


During the first visit you will discuss with us your expectations, our professional qualified beauty therapist will inform you clearly, if we can achieve the hair removal results that you expected.

We will go through your Medical History, to ensure that they are not health reasons why you shouldn’t have the E-Light hair removal treatment then i’ll give you a consent form to be read and sign by you, which mean that you understand perfectly the Potentials benefits and the risk or IPL Hair removal treatment.

A patch test is carried out prior to treatment taking place and this will help you understand what IPL treatment feels like. 

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Before and after four E-light Treatments

*Individual results may vary



During IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment, safety eye-wear must be worn to protect your eyes from the light generated by the IPL machine.

This treatment do not require any preparation before the Treatment

First our Therapist will apply a gel to the area to be treated, then our therapist will use a the E-light hand piece to touch your skin with flashes of light.

Most of the client describe the procedure a little uncomfortable, with a tingling sensation, like that caused by an elastic band, during the Hair removal treatment.

After care E-Light IPL Hair Removal.

Please avoid the Sun after the treatment

Use a Sun cream protection SPF15

Do not wax or use epilation’s creams.

Avoid Sunbeds 

Do not use make up creams after the treatment.

Please contact your practitioner immediately if you notice any signs of blistering, infection, persistent pain or pigment changes in the treated area.

What can be treated with E-Light?

1.SR-Skin Rejuvenation, skin tightening, shrink pores, improve skin flexibility and skin texture.
2.PR-Pigmentations removal, freckles, sunburn, age spots, etc. (Individual results may vary)
3.VR-Vascular lesions (telangiectasis) treatment.
4.AR-Acne Removal : Improving the situation of oily skin.

What are the possible risks and complications?


During the treatment, some mild stinging or burning may be noticed during the procedure, and the area treated may feel hot for 20-30 minutes or so after treatment.

Post patients will experience skin redness which will fade over the next hour or so and can be covered with light make up.

Post – treatment risks or side effects can include lower eyelid swelling (if this area is treated) and blistering of the skin at the treatment site which can very rarely lead to mild scarring and changes in skin colour or pigment.

A patch test is carried out prior to treatment to a higher intensity to minimise any potential risk.