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 Popularity of Sugaring in Wokingham and Reading areas

Waxing sugaring is becoming more and more popular as some women are turning away from professional waxing. For some women with sensitive skin waxing can be uncomfortable. Women with sensitive skin may also be worried about the effect of chemicals on  their skin. Women want long-term results from waxing performed by a professional, but they may be concerned about any side effects that they may have. It used to be that if a woman wanted long-term depilation, she had to go to a salon and would endure the pain and discomfort of waxing, because there were no other options. We have the option for you by using Sugar Pro. Sugar Pro is extremely effective in removing all types of unwanted hair without the negative side-effects of wax. It is specially formulated to stick to the hair, not the skin, so hair slides out almost painlessly. You will love it! And you will keep coming back. Sugar Pro is actually skin care and hair removal in one. It will take care of your skin while removing all types of unwanted hair effectively. Sugar Pro contains only the highest quality ingredients: Sugar, Chamomile, Lemon juice, Rose Water, Water. If you have sensitive skin and experience adverse reaction from waxing, sugaring could be an option to consider. You can book a free consultation and our specialist beautician would be glad to advise you further.

Sugaring Prices

1/2 leg £20
1/2 leg & bikini or underarm £28
1/2 leg & bikini & underarm £35
3/4 leg £24
Full leg £30
Full leg & bikini line or underarm £38
Full leg & bikini line & underarm £48
Bikini line £16
Underarm £12
Full arm £22
Forearm £16
Lip or chin £10
Lip and chin £15
Eyebrows £12
Brazilian £32
Hollywood £38