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We consider ourselves to be artists and when you see the results of our work, we’re confident you’ll agree with us. Whether it’s with regards to giving those nails the once over, or rejuvenating tired skin around the eyes, we are artists and some might say magicians, of the very finest variety. Beauty salons come in all manner of guises, but if you’re looking for an establishment in the Caversham area that’s all encompassing in every sense of the word, Nadia’s is certainly where you need to focus your attentions. We understand the nuances of the human body quite like no one else and when we perform our therapies we like to make sure we’re in tune with the needs of our much valued clients. Regardless of the skin type, we can perform facials that will leave you feeling like a million dollars. A combination of the finest products on the market and our unswerving attention to detail makes us the ultimate choice for all manner of beautification therapies and not only are our services one of a kind, but our pricing structure is also most agreeable. As a business our ethos is to deliver superior levels of service at prices that are ultra competitive, something we’re confident everyone will appreciate. Let us perform the skilful art of the, or entrust us with the task of performing a and you certainly won’t be disappointed. Nadia’s, turning beautification into a fine art of the highest order.