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Everyone enjoys looking and feeling as good as a celebrity and whilst most of us will never get the chance to walk down the red carpet at the Oscar’s award ceremony, with facials courtesy of Nadia’s, you’ll look every inch the star. The intensive therapies we offer can tighten the skin around the cheeks and chin in no time, so you really can. After a pleasant couple of hours at Nadia’s you’ll be more than ready to reveal the ‘new you’ to your friends back in Woodley and it’s a guarantee that they’ll be impressed by what they see. A non surgical face lift can help to eradicate creases and wrinkles in a pain free fashion and from the moment the trained therapist begins the gentle cleanse, until the anti aging ingredients are applied to your skin, you’ll get the sense that you’re in the capable hands of the true professionals. And professionals is what we truly are, from soothing to pedicures to Fake Bake tanning, if it’s related to the genre of body therapy and beautification, you can rely on us to have the perfect solution. All of our products are designed to instil you with a new sense of confidence and a Brazilian wax certainly does that! If you want to wear a daring bikini on the beach this year, Nadia’s have just the thing to accompany those diminutive bikini bottoms. You can trust us implicitly in the genre of beautification.