Laser Hair removal

One way or the other, a lot of people really love to get rid of their hair once for all time. But, is it possible to achieve this unusual feat of permanent hair removal?

The fact still remains that there is no sure-proof 100% guaranteed permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis is the only method among the pack having the best overall results so far when it comes to long term, or even permanent removal of hair. The method is as approved by the FDA. Further studies have shown contrariwise that the method does not give the same permanent results for everyone.

There are really lots of hype about treatments, machines and processes with the assurance that permanent hair removal is their forte. But wait, the claims by some of these companies are unfounded with no baseline and reference point. When the chips are down, one would find out that there is no iota of truth in their make-believe shows.

Laser Hair Removal, Is it Permanent?

Laser hair removal treatment is a method for permanent hair reduction without permanent hair removal approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA), an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The process requires multiple hair treatments to get the best results. Till date, the FDA has not approved any laser equipment for permanent hair removal. On the other hand, laser hair removal machines having the capability to permanently reduce hair growth have been approved by the FDA because it can get rid of the hair on select candidates for long time periods using multiple treatments.

How it Works

Beams from a hand-held laser device are directed on the area of the skin to seek out dark coloured hair follicles to be removed. Within the next one or two weeks after treatment, the growth of the hair would be impaired as they begin to fall off.

Note that the growth of hair is in different stages comprising of growing, resting and shedding phases. For the laser to be most effective knowing fully well that not all of the hair is growing at the same stage at any point in time, multiple treatments are therefore needed to work against the hair growth phases.

Discomfort Threshold

Laser hair removal treatment has not been known without some levels of discomfort. The discomfort ratio varies with the type of laser used, individual’s discomfort threshold, hair type, and area of the body being treated. Generally, the first session of the treatment procedure hurts the most, after which it becomes less intense with further procedures. Moreover, because darker hair absorbs and retains more of the laser beam, people having very thick, dark hair often feel a bit more discomfort than those with thin hair.

Costs for Laser Hair Removal

The cost for laser hair removal is based on the location of the facility and the type of services offered. But generally, typical treatment costs between £24 and £900 per visit depending on the size of the area being treated.