Facials Treatments, Types and Benefits

Visiting a beauty salon has become almost an obsession for many women in recent times – looking good is good business. Obviously, it is more of a necessity than a treat. Many people will go to any extent to have that good look no matter the cost. A facial treatment is one of those special cosseted luxuries that are made exclusively for these set of people and others who can afford it. Facials range in price depending on the type of treatment, product types used for the treatments and the time spent which can last anywhere between thirty minutes and over an hour. For maximum results, facial treatments are recommended by professionals for every 4 weeks.

Types of Facials

There are different types of facials available in beauty salons and spas. Each facial type is designed for specific skin type. Moreover, there are some special facials specifically designed to treat different skin problems. Consider the following facial types:

  • Essential Facial – This is the most affordable and cheapest facial type and is intended for general reconditioning of normal skin. It includes ex-foliating, cleansing, moisturising and massage.
  • Specific Facials – is the same with essential facial but catering for the needs of specific skin types such as rosacea, sun damaged, oily, acne or very sensitive skins.
  • Aromatherapy Facial – are done using essential oils, which are extremely beneficial to the body as well as the mind, to cleanse, revitalize, and renew the skin.
  • AHA Facial – Alpha Hydroxyl Acid facial is a natural process creating a soft, smooth and healthy skin. It uses natural substances found in fruits and flowers.
  • Gold Facial – It is used for its rejuvenation potential.
  • Paraffin facials – It is a quick fix for special occasions restoring radiance to your skin using a paraffin mask that is applied to the face over layers of special creams sealed in gauzes.
  • Anti-oxidant and Pollution-fighting Facials – recommended especially for sportsmen and women, and other people who spends most of their time outdoors.
  • Bio-lift Facial – Bio-lift spa facial uses a bio-mask that makes your skin tighten and gives you a younger look effectively getting rid of the dark circles under the eye due to ageing or extreme work pressure.
  • Acne Facials – For oily skins and highly recommended, at least once a month.
  • Galvanic Facial – This spa facial solves several skin problems by using direct and steady galvanic current to dry and hydrate skin thereby improving the moisture percentage of the skin.
  • Collagen Facials – Rejuvenates ageing, sun damage and dry skins.

Benefits of Facial Treatments

Do you want that clean, rejuvenated, smooth-to-the-touch look of a new born? Yes, facial treatments can give you that and more. Some facial treatments are designed to skin cleansing, while others are for their moisturising benefits, and still others aids in relieving stress. The totality of facial treatment is that it offers your skin health and wellness. Moreover, facial treatments help to improve and restore the circulation of oxygen-enriched blood to facial skin layers as these are needed to maintain new skin cells which in turn gives your skin a healthy sheen, the hallmark of a youthful healthy look.

Apart from these, facial treatments give you a sense of goodness, offering soothing emotional relaxation. And yes, it also acts as an anti-ageing procedure. Really, facial treatments may help slow the ageing process thereby giving you a smooth, youthful and supple skin.